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Treating Pre-Diabetes Aggressively Reduces Serious Health Risks Including Heart Disease


Why Testing for Pre-Diabetes Alone is Not Enough


Diabetic Retinopathy Occurs in Pre-Diabetes

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Lifestyle changes to beat prediabetes

MyPlate Nutritional Guidelines – How Much Fruit Should You Eat?

According to the new MyPlate USDA program the amount of fruit you need to eat depends on age, sex, and level of physical activity. Recommended daily amounts are shown in the chart. The amount of fruit recommended each day will surprise you! Nutritional Guidelines Chart

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Gluten-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe and Video

Chef Janet K (Gluten-Free Chef) shows how to make the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you will ever have!  She also discusses gluten-free flour in this video.  Bake those cookies!

People with pre-diabetes may need to check their blood glucose levels.

FAQs About Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar) Monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring refers to testing how much glucose is in the blood stream (or, glycemia.) Many people often refer to blood glucose as “blood sugar” because glucose is a form of sugar. Although the proper medical term is “glucose” your doctor will know what you mean if you use the term blood sugar.  Read the FAQs

What is pre-diabetes?
Are you at risk for developing pre-diabetes?

Do you have pre-diabetes? Check your blood sugar against this chart and find out!

Believe in yourself!  You can do it!  There is no cure for diabetes, but making healthy choices now can help you prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.


Making positive changes in your lifestyle and following any medical treatment your doctor prescribes can often reverse pre-diabetes! Why not start today by eliminating unhealthy processed carbohydrates and sugary drinks from your diet and taking walks each day?

If you have pre-diabetes it is important for you to know that if you do develop type 2 diabetes you will still have to make lifestyle changes, take medications, and possibly even insulin injections.There is no cure for type 2 diabetes. If you develop it and do not follow a healthy lifestyle you risk serious diabetes complications including amputation, blindness, kidney failure, and premature death.