Diagnosing Prediabetes

CDC Prediabetes Screening Test

Risk Assessment Screening Test for Prediabetes

Are you concerned you have prediabetes?  Or maybe you are not concerned, but should be. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has created a screening test based on risk factors to help you determine if you are at risk for developing prediabetes.

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes means your blood glucose (blood sugar) is higher than normal, but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, loss of feet or legs, and neuropathy (never damage) that can affect organs, circulation, and your digestive tract.

Using the following prediabetes screening test prepared by the CDC as part of their National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Answer these seven simple questions.  For each “Yes” answer, add the number of points listed in the column.  All “No” answers are zero points.

1 0 Are you a woman who has had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds at birth?
1 0 Do you have a sister or brother with diabetes?
1 0 Do you have a parent with diabetes?
5 0 Find your height on the chart. Do you weigh as much as or more than the weight listed for your height?
5 0 Are you younger than 65 years of age and get little or no exercise in a typical day?
5 0 Are you between 45 and 64 years of age?
9 0 Are you 65 years of age or older?

At-Risk Weight Chart
for Prediabetes

4’10” 129
4’11” 133
5′ 138
5’1″ 143
5’2″ 147
5’3″ 152
5’4″ 157
5’5″ 162
5’6″ 167
5’7″ 172
5’8″ 177
5’9″ 182
5’10” 188
5’11” 193
6′ 199
6’1″ 204
6’2″ 210
6’3″ 216
6’4″ 221

Add your score and check below to see how you rated:

3 to 8 Points9 or Above
If your score is 3 to 8 points your risk is probably low for having prediabetes now.  Keep your risk low.  If you are overweight, lose weight.  Be active most days and don’t use tobacco.  Eat low-fat meals with fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods.  If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure,. talk to your health care provider about your risk for type 2 diabetes.
If your score is 9 or more this means your risk is high for having prediabetes now.  Please make an appointment with your healthcare provider soon.

You can download more information about where to get tested for prediabetes, as well as the above information in their publication CDC Prediabetes Screening Test (PDF).



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