Eat small portions of lean meats.

Your Body Needs Protein

Eat small portions of lean meats.Truth: Eating lean meat in small amounts can be part of a healthy plan to lose weight. Chicken, fish, pork, and red meat contain some cholesterol and saturated fat, but they also contain healthy nutrients like iron, protein, and zinc.

People who follow low-carb diets consume far higher quantities of lean animal products than the average person, but they eat very few carbohydrates.  Be sure that you really understand the conditions and restrictions of any diet plan you choose because some fly in the face of conventional wisdom, which in some cases can be a good thing for some people, but in others, can be a bad thing.

If you have problems with your kidneys, or another medical condition that prohibits you from eating animal protein, be sure to discuss your nutritional requirements with your own physician.

Diet Tips

Chose cuts of meat that are lower in fat, and trim off all the fat you can see. Meats that are lower in fat include chicken breast, pork loin and beef round steak, flank steak, and extra lean ground beef. Also, watch portion size. Try to eat meat or poultry in portions of 3 ounces or less. Three ounces is about the size of a deck of cards.