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Average Weight Loss: 6 to 10 pounds in two weeks and continue losing 2 to 3 pounds weekly
Type of Diet: Other. Although the initial rapid weight-loss claims are significant enough to call this diet a “fad” diet, the overall plan is healthy and providing you consume enough calories each day you can lose weight at a slower rate, and this diet is likely to be more sustainable over longer periods than other fad diets so we have classified it as “other.”
Claims: Balance ph levels in body to ward off disease and lose weight.

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Acid-Alkaline Diet Book ReviewAbout The Diet

This diet (popular among celebrities) claims to help your body maintain your blood ph level to ward off disease.

Research strongly suggests that food has little impact on blood ph as your body is constantly adjusting levels on its own without our help. However, whether or not this diet does what it claims (helps you lose weight, avoid cancer and arthritis among other claims) the food choices allowed on this diet are quite healthy.

Web MD reports some of the possible positives if you follow this diet:

As to the other health claims, there’s some early evidence that a diet low in acid-producing foods like animal protein (such as meat and cheese) and bread and high in fruits and veggies could help prevent kidney stones, keep bones and muscles strong, improve heart health and brain function, reduce low back pain, and lower risk for colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. But researchers aren’t sure yet.

This diet may help you lose weight because you need to choose healthy foods, abstain from sugar and alcohol, and processed foods. In addition to tossing out all the junk food, you will also need to drink lots of water.

This diet was not well known until former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, went on it and began boasting about it on Twitter.

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The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet

By Christopher Vasey

Most people consume an abundance of highly processed foods that acidify the body. As a result, they are afflicted with health problems ranging from minor skin irritations, chronic fatigue, back pain, and depression to arthritis, ulcers, and osteoporosis. To enjoy optimum health, the body needs balanced quantities of alkaline and acid substances. In The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, naturopath and detoxification expert Christopher Vasey shows how a simple change in diet to restore your acid-alkaline balance can result in vast improvements in health.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

Health Concerns

This diet is well-rounded and healthy. Talk to your doctor if you have, or suspect you may have any health conditions. Pregnant and nursing women need to ensure they get enough calories on this diet.

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