Excess belly fat is a risk factor for prediabetes.

Low-carb dieter? Weight loss stalled? Try these tips to help you get back to shedding the pounds.

You are working hard to drop your weight. You are following your diet, exercising, and yet the scale is not showing any new losses. Family, friends, even your own doctor might blame you and ask if you have been cheating. Or, tell you to just be patient when it is not about patience as much as it is the fear of and doubt that you ever meet your goal. Here are tips to help troubleshoot your low carb diet habits and get back to losing weight.

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What is a woosh?

Definition of Whoosh: The word “woosh” is a popular term among low carb lifestylers used to describe any sudden drop in weight. An interesting thing about the woosh phenomenon and low carb dieting is that dieters may still go down in size (lose inches) without seeing a change in the scale numbers at the same time. This is …

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