Excess belly fat is a risk factor for prediabetes.

You are working hard to drop your weight.  You are following your diet, (hopefully) exercising, and yet the scale is not showing any new losses.  Family, friends, even your own doctor might blame you and ask if you have been cheating.  Or, tell you to just be patient when it is not about patience as much as it is the fear of and doubt that you ever meet your goal.

The first place most dietitians will have you look is over your food records.  Are you cheating?  Did you have a bad day?  Are you recording all that you are really eating?  Look for hidden calories.  For those of us serious about weight loss, this line of questioning is insulting.  We know when we are cheating. Why blame the dieter when the diet itself can often be the source of the problem?

Before you you kick another scale (or punch someone), take heart — and grab the measuring tape.  You could be losing inches without it showing on the scale (and vice versa.)

A true weight loss stall is when you are not dropping pounds or inches for more than four consecutive weeks.  I say heck with that.  If you have stalled after two weeks, it is time to take a look at what’s going on.

Have you lost inches even if you have not lost pounds?

Many people show a loss in inches without any weight loss being reflected on the scale.  Whether you have just started out, or or halfway to your goal, taking your measurements to monitor progress is a great way to take get a better idea if you are really facing a stall.  If you are losing inches, keep doing what you are doing — the scale will catch up eventually.

Are you working out?

Muscle weighs more than fat.  If you are losing fat but gaining muscle, the scale might not show any losses — or sometimes, even a gain of a pound or two.  Go by the tape measure and how your clothes fit and forget the scale for now.

Not losing inches or pounds?

First, continue to pat yourself on the back for everything you are doing that is right. If you feel deprived of results for your hard work, it is easy to say “why bother” and give into a binge.  Look back at your weight loss records and remind yourself  “it” does work — you have already made progress.  You are winning battles.

Face a weight loss stall as you would any other problem.  Get real, be honest, and look for new strategies when old ones no longer work.

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