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Definition of Whoosh: The word “woosh” is a popular term among low carb lifestylers used to describe any sudden drop in weight.

Low-carb dieters often will not see any significant change in their weight for a long period of time (sometimes up to several weeks) and then wake to find they dropped 5 or more pounds overnight, or will drop 5 or more pounds over the next few days.  When this sudden, and welcomed drop in weight occurs, it is called a “woosh.”

An interesting thing about the woosh phenomenon and low carb dieting is that dieters may still go down in size (lose inches) without seeing a change in the scale numbers at the same time.  This is just one reason why low carbers go more by inches than the scale to measure success.

Whoosh Fairy: A non-existent character low carbers wish upon each other to bring on a whoosh.”

Did you know?

When you see a series of numbers at the bottom of a posts made by dieters, for example: 180/150/130, these numbers stand for starting weight/current weight/goal weight. Some people will also note the date they started on a plan or an abbreviation of the diet plan they are using.