Engine 2 Diet Book Review

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Average Weight Loss: One to two pounds a week.
Type of Diet: Plant based with limits on sugar, sodium, and fats and encourages fitness
This diet may be unsafe for certain individuals.*

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Engine 2 Diet Book ReviewAbout The Diet

The Engine 2 Diet was created by firefighter Rip Esselstyn when he noticed that his firefighter co-workers had high cholesterol.

The diet is a 28 day meal plan that lets you enjoy a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains. Although this is a plant based diet, however, it doesn’t completely forbid meat.

While this diet may be helpful for some, it was created with the main focus of lowering cholesterol and not so much weight lost.

While eating healthy and exercising will help you loss inches, it wasn’t designed for weight loss so you may need to reduce your calories in order to lost any significant weight on this plan.

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The Engine 2 Diet: The Texas Firefighter’s 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds

By Rip Esselstyn

Professional athlete-turned-firefighter Rip Esselstyn is used to responding to emergencies. So, when he learned that some of his fellow Engine 2 firefighters in Austin, TX, were in dire physical condition-several had dangerously high cholesterol levels (the highest was 344!)-he sprang into action and created a life-saving plan for the firehouse. By following Rip’s program, everyone lost weight (some more than 20 lbs.), lowered their cholesterol (Mr. 344’s dropped to 196), and improved their overall health. Now, Rip outlines his proven plan in this book. With Rip as your expert coach and motivator, you’ll transform your body and lifestyle in a month. His plant-powered eating plan is based on a diet of whole foods, including whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. This invaluable guide features: **Dozens of easy, mouthwatering recipes-from pancakes to pizza, Tex-Mex favorites to knockout chocolate desserts-that will keep you looking forward to every bite **Pantry-stocking tips will take the panic out of inevitable cravings and on-the-fly meals **Guidelines on menu choices that will allow you to eat out, wherever and whenever you want **Rip’s simple, firefighter-inspired exercise program that will boost your metabolism and melt your fat away.

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* Health Concerns

This is generally a well-balanced diet, but if you have problems with weight or high cholesterol it is important that you consult with your doctor before you start any new diet program.

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