Biggest Loser Book Review

The Skinny

Average Weight Loss: Usually 1-3 pounds per week.
Type of Diet: Balanced Diet, Calorie Restriction with calories consisting of 25% fat (of which saturated fat is limited to 5%), 50% carbs, and 25% lean proteins.
This diet may be unsafe for certain individuals.*

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About The Diet

Biggest Loser Book ReviewThe diets offered in their books are not the same diet that show contestants follow(ed) so if you are expecting similar dramatic and rapid results — don’t. However, the plan is generally safe and effective — a common sense approach to weight loss. Exercise is an important part of this program and losing weight at a rate of 1-3 pounds is reasonable.

You lose weight through regular exercise and calorie restricting. There are three books/plans to choose from, but they are fairly similar so just chose the one that seems most appealing:

  • 30-Day Jump Start
  • 6 Weeks to a Healthier You
  • The Biggest Loser: The Weight-Loss Program to Transform Your Body

The basic plan consists of:

  • 25% of calorie are from fat, it also caps saturated fat at 5% of your calories. Both of these thresholds are lower than, or within FDA government guidelines.
  • 50% of your daily calories will come from carbohydrates (but don’t think that means chips and cookies)
  • 25% of your calories can come from lean proteins.

The above ratios may sound a bit complicated to plan out, but the books and online resources can do most of the planning for you, or at least make it easier just by following recipes and noting portions sizes for future reference.

The diet is also easily adaptable for vegetarians and vegans (exhange animal protein for foods such as legumes, tofu or edamame), for people who need to limit salt, it can be Kosher based on your personal choices, and can be modified to be gluten-free as well.

The diet itself is healthy – if you don’t gain weight on high carbohydrate plans, but it is important not to set your expectations too high and aim for learning to eat healthy, balanced portions with each meal.

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** Provided for information only. This is not an ad but an excerpt from so you can read more about this book. **

The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You: Lose Weight and Get Healthy For Life!

By by Cheryl Forberg, Melissa Roberson, Lisa Wheeler

Each season on The Biggest Loser, America watches the contestants transform their bodies at the Ranch. But what you can’t see on television is the even more incredible physical transformation that takes place on the inside, as Biggest Losers radically change their health and quality of life through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

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* Health Concerns

This diet is generally considered safe, however, if you have any health condition, or suspect you may have a health condition, are pregnant or nursing, you should consult with your doctor before starting any weight-loss diet.

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