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Average Weight Loss: Up to 10 pounds a week
Type of Diet: Fad
This diet may be unsafe for certain individuals.*

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This diet started to appear in the 80s. The basic goal is to promote fast weight loss, as well as giving you more energy and a body cleanse. Once the three days have passed the dieter is allowed to resume normal eating for another three or four days before returning to the diet for three days.

The diet consists of eating small amounts of food for every meal, for a total of about 1,000 calories per day. Lunch for the second day is 1 cup of cottage cheese and 8 saltine crackers.

The main issue with this diet is that eating such a small amount of food may cause malnutrition and the diet is merely a “quick-fix” that will result in loss of water weight and it isn’t sustainable for long periods of time.

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  • This is a crash diet intended for short-term use only. Like most crash diets, few doctors and dietitians have anything positive to say about this plan.
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Lose 10lbs in 3 Days, The Ultimate 3-day Diet Plan (Diet Plan Series Book 2)

By Patty Yang

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Health Concerns

The 3 day diet is more of a quick way to lose a few pounds rather than a lifestyle change or an actual diet. It isn’t recommended to do this diet for an extended length of time and may be too extreme — even when only followed for a short period of time — for anyone with a health condition, pregnant women, and the elderly.

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