Volumetrics Diet Book Review

The Skinny

Average Weight Loss: One to two pounds a week
Type of Diet: Low calorie intake

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About The Diet

Volumetrics Volumetrics is based on filling up on low-calorie foods, by eating foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. Volumetrics doesn’t remove entire food groups — you can eat anything you want — you just eat less of certain things and make substitutions for recipes. For example you can make macaroni and cheese by using whole-wheat pasta, low fat milk, and less butter. The main principal is to avoid high energy density foods (foods that have high caloric content for the volume of food) in favor of low density energy foods that are more satisfying and filling.

Volumetrics was created by Barbara Rolls, PhD who claims “Unlike diets that are based on deprivation, the Volumetrics approach helps people find healthy foods that they can eat lots of while still losing weight.” She claims that when you follow her plan you will feel fuller so will be more naturally inclined to eat less but you do get to eat three square meals, two snacks, and even one dessert each day, as well as moderate amounts of alcohol as long as you stick to the diet guidelines.

There are four basic categories of foods (source: WebMd):

  1. Category 1 includes “free” or “anytime” fruits, nonstarchy vegetables (such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms), and broth-based soups.
  2. Category 2 includes reasonable portions of whole grains (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta), lean proteins, legumes, and low-fat dairy.
  3. Category 3 includes small portions of foods such as breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats.
  4. Category 4 includes sparing portions of fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats.

Many of the foods that are encouraged are also high in water content which can aid in making you fill fuller.

More Information

Negative Press

  • May not increase energy levels
  • Requires food preparation skills and time

Positive Press

** Provided for information only. This is not an ad but an excerpt from Amazon.com so you can read more about this book. **

The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan

By PhD Rolls Barbara, Robert A. Barnett

With Volumetrics, leading nutritionist Barbara Rolls, PhD, has devised a plan to give people what they′ve always wanted: a way to lose weight while still feeling full and satisfied. By concentrating on energy density (the amount of calories in a given volume of food) and its relation to feeling replete, Rolls and co-author Bob Barnett guide the reader towards a more rewarding and manageable lifetime approach to eating – one that doesn′t include deprivation. Unlike many fad diets, their ideas are based on a solid body of scientific research, revealing the many factors that determine how much we eat, and hence how much weight we gain. From this research, Rolls and Barnett have created a clear program with tasty recipes, menus, and eating recommendations that can help anyone lose weight safely and effectively.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

Health Concerns

This is probably a diet that is safe for most individuals, however, as with any diet talk to your doctor before trying Volumetrics.

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