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Average Weight Loss: 1-2 lbs per week.
Type of Diet: Balanced diet.

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About The Diet

Asian DietThe Asian Diet (book) is just one plan to help you adopt a “typical Asian diet.” An Asian diet is not truly structured, but includes certain foods, and avoids others. For example, meat is on the pyramid but some plans limit meat to once a month.

An Asian food pyramid differs substantially from that published but the U.S. government and includes daily physical activity in some versions.

Starting at the bottom of the Asian Diet Pyramid and going to the top (eat less of these):

  • Rice, noodles, breads, millet, corn and other whole grains
  • Fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts, and vegetables
  • Vegetable oils
  • Fish, shellfish, or dairy
  • Eggs and poultry
  • Meat

People who go on this diet usually do so to simply eat healthier and not necessarily for weight loss, but can lose weight on this diet. Asian countries tend to have lower dates of heart disease, certain types of cancers, and a lower incidence of obesity than Americans and many believe these lower rates are attributable to the traditional Asian diet being much healthier than the typical American diet.

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Negative Press

  • Ingredients may be hard to find
  • Only includes a few recipes

Positive Press

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The Asian Diet: Simple Secrets for Eating Right, Losing Weight, and Being Well

By Jason Bussell

In this era of fad diets, detox programs, and “superfoods,” this examination of the relationship between diet and lifestyle looks to the Far East to claim that the simple principles to live by are balance and moderation. By rebuilding the connections between what is put into the body and how it functions, the diet outlined in this book teaches the daily effects that particular food choices will have—on bodyweight, energy, mood, and the quality and duration of life—and that ultimately all foods are good in the right proportion. All major food groups are covered, with additional sections on dietary supplements, lifestyle, and attitude, plus a handful of recipes to demonstrate the principles of the diet.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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