Suzanne Somers Diet Review

The Skinny

Average Weight Loss: One to two pounds a week
Type of Diet: Food Combining, low carb, high protein
This diet may be unsafe for certain individuals.*

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About The Diet

Somersizing Somers' Fast and Easy bookSuzanne Somers has a loyal following that may have begun with her celebrity status, but her public battle against cancer also gave more attention to her diet. Her diet is very similar to Fit For Life/Young For Life Diet, however, Somer’s plan is a little less restrictive because it allows more than juice and/or fruit for breakfast.

The theory behind Somer’s food combining plan is that “proteins require an acid environment to be digested and carbs require a base environment. When proteins and carbs are eaten together, the enzymes cancel each other out, creating a halt in the digestion process.” She also believes low-fat and fat-free versions of foods (including dairy products) are more unhealthy than that fat-rich versions because sugar, not fat is the real culprit behind weight gain.

Her book and diet advise has been sharply criticized for a number of contradictions found her in books that conflict with her own diet advice. For example, she advocates against artificial sweeteners and food additives but her own product SomerSweet sugar contains them and her baking mixes contain hydrogenated oils and artificial colors which she also speaks out against.

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Positive Press

  • No calorie counting or portion control
  • Many dieters report improvement of gastrointestinal problems and better digestion.
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Health Concerns

If you have a health condition or need to lose weight, it is always talk with your doctor or a licensed nutritionist before starting any plan. This plan may be lacking in certain nutrients and may cause changes in blood glucose levels in people with certain metabolic conditions including diabetes.

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