The Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet Book Review - Dr. Stillman

The Skinny

Average Weight Loss: About 5 lb. per week
Type of Diet: Ketogenic, low-carb
This diet may be unsafe for certain individuals.*

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About The Diet

Stillman DietDr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, a physician who treated obese patients for more than 45 years invented this hard-core ketogenic diet. You will eat six small meals each day, none of which will meet your daily nutritional requirements so you will need to supplement lack of food nutrients with a good multivitamin.

No carbs, fruits, vegetables, or fats are allowed on this severe diet — only lean proteins and fat-free cottage cheese are eaten the first phase. Due to the rapid weight loss, this is probably not a good diet for anyone to follow unless directed by a medical doctor as part of a seizure-control/epilepsy treatment plan.

There are three phases and during the first phase food restrictions are the strictest, but even as some foods are allowed back in phases 2 and 3, you will have to be a true low-carb devotee to stick with the plan for very long.

Unlike other low-carb plans, however, Stillman relies on good, hard workouts and strength training in addition to following the diet. As with most diets, you are also require to drink lots of water and limit tea, coffee and diet soda (but you may have them occasionally).

In addition to carbs, sugar, starches, condiments and a long list of forbidden fruits and vegetables (including no lettuce or even celery), fatty foods are also not allowed.

Because the list of what you cannot have on this plan is so long, here is a short list of what you can eat a lot of on this diet:

  • Low-fat cheese: Pot cheese, cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese
  • Lean fish and seafood
  • Lean meat
  • Hard or soft-boiled eggs

This plan does not teach you how to eat properly if you go off the plan and rapid weight loss is generally considered unhealthy, unsustainable, and can cause certain health problems.

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The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet

By Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman M.D., Samm Sinclair Baker, Denise Gray.

The Stillman diet became the rage back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Why? Because it works! Unless you’ve always been slim, chances are you’ve heard of the famous “ONE Pound A Day” weight loss diet created by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman and Samm S. Baker. You probably know someone who has tried it with great success, if you haven’’t done so yourself. Don’t delay try it now because it works!! After all, it’’s a diet that sounds too good to be true. To shift those pounds quickly you simply need to start the day with bacon and eggs, snack on chunks of cheese and a variety of fish or meats, top coffee with cream and feast on steaks fried in butter or lobster. Not exactly the typical foods you’d find on the shopping lists of most slimmers who’ve grown up with the idea that a low-fat diet is the best way to lose weight. But like all things that sound too good to be true, there’’s a catch. And in the case of the famous Stillman’s diet, it means that filling up on high-fat foods needs to be balanced by giving up most carbs including bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, cake –– even fruit, milk and some veg’s. But you never feel hungry and it’s an enjoyable and satisfying and more importantly a safe and effective weight loss plan. ONE POUND A DAY guaranteed just follow the diet.

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*Health Concerns

This diet isn’t advised to do in the long term because it is not balanced and is so extreme that it can lead to constipation, hair loss, gallbladder and kidney stones. Be sure to talk with your doctor before starting this diet, especially if you have any form of diabetes, digestive disorder, or kidney problems.

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