Diabetes Statistics for the United States

Virginia prediabetes statistics
Virginia diabetes statistics and death rates:

  • Diabetes was the 6th leading cause of death in Virginia in 2006.
  • In 2005, 396,000 Virginians had diabetes – but by 2007, more than 700,300 adult Virginians were estimated to have
    diabetes (466,883 diagnosed and 233,441 undiagnosed).
  • In 2006, there were over 11,880 hospital discharges due to a primary cause of diabetes in Virginia, costing over $227 million dollars. When considering hospital discharges due to any cause of diabetes, the cost in 2006 was over two and a half billion dollars.
  • Since 1999, adult Virginians with diabetes have reported having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and engaging in less physical activity more often than adult Virginians without diabetes.
  • 6.2 out of every 100 Virginians has diabetes, ranking it 28th in the nation.
  • 23 out of every 100,000 deaths in Virginia are diabetes related, ranking the state 35th in the nation.

Source: Virginia Department of Health. Diabetes Data and Statistics. 02/10/2009; and Virginia State Health Facts; and Virginia State Diabetes Death Rates.

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