Canada prediabetes statistics
Canada diabetes statistics and death rates:

  • 1 in 17 Canadians has diabetes (5.5 % of all women and 6.2 % of all men).
  • Older Canadians are more likely to have diabetes. In 2005-2006, twenty-two percent of people (approximately 1 in 5) in the 75-79 year
    old age group had been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Overall, in adults aged 20 and older, death rates for those with diabetes are two to three times greater than those of the general
    population. Among 20-39 year olds, individuals with diabetes die at a rate more than six times that of the general population, while in the 60-79 year age group the rates are about twice as high
  • In 2003, 1,222.882 children ages 12 and older and adults were diagnosed with diabetes and by 2005 that number increased to 1,325,120 of the population diagnosed with diabetes.

Source: Canada Diabetes Statistics.; Public Health Agency of Canada