Prediabetes Information, News, Resources, SupportGeneral Information Publications

Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes – National Institutes of Health. NIH Publication No. 09–4893.
October 2008

Hypoglycemia - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention & Emergency Care Form.  IOH Publication HG-1-2006; 13 pages.

Reactive and Fasting Hypoglycemia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention & Emergency Care Form. IOH Publication HG-2-2006; 13 pages.

Hyperglycemia –  Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention.  IOH Publication HG-3-2006; 12 pages.

Fast Reference Guide – Symptoms and causes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.  Also, normal and target blood glucose ranges for persons with diabetes and for non-diabetics. IOH Publication PO-101; 1 page.

Emergency Information – Symptoms of hypoglycemia and emergency medical information sheet. Instructions for others if they find you unconscious.
IOH Publication PO-102; 1 page.

Daily Diabetes Food & Insulin Log – Record insulin, blood glucose, food, and exercise, sick days, etc.
IOH Publication PO-103, 1 page.

Legal Rights and Diabetes Self-Care Awareness Publications

(employee, employer, general information about public concerns, etc.)

Frequently asked questions about administering diabetes care in public and the work place. Answers to questions co-workers and the general public might have about why people with diabetes need to be allowed to test blood sugars and administer insulin in public places and at work. Topics covered: legal rights, public safety concerns, and tolerance, and how to approach a co-worker with diabetes about your concerns.  IOH Publication PA-03-2006; 11 pages.

Diabetes and civil rights law: An overview of your legal right to equal access to  programs, benefits, opportunity, accommodations, education, and employment. Covers legal rights to equal access to benefits, accommodations and opportunity, and the right to administer diabetes related self-care in public places and at work.  Great for anyone who wants to know what the law says about diabetes accommodations, care, and discrimination at work, in schools, and in public places. Includes comprehensive information and examples.  Covers the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Assistance.  Also, tells where and how to file discrimination complaints. IOH Publication PA-04-2006; 32 pages.

Diabetes in the real world: A guide to diabetes etiquette, tolerance, and conflict resolution in the workplace and public social settings. (contains medical depiction of diabetes care)  A comprehensive guide covering diabetes rights, accommodations, and conflict resolution in public and work place settings.  Includes employee FAQs discussing concerns about blood and needles in the work place, sections for employers and employees, as well as general information for improving diabetes awareness and tolerance.  IOH Publication PA-01-2006.

A pictorial guide to diabetes care, supplies, and devices (contains pictures of blood, needles and medical procedures related to diabetes care).  Great for showing pictures of what supplies, devices, and procedures are involved in diabetes care.  Pictures included:  injections, insulin, syringes, glucagon, blood sugar testing, supplies, pens, pumps, and more.  IOH Publication PA-05-2006; 7 pages.

About blood glucose monitoring (contains pictures of blood, needles and medical procedures related to diabetes care).  IOH Publication L-01-2006; 1 page.  Great for helping co-workers, family, and friends understand the basics of blood glucose monitoring.