It's not too late to change your fate - pre-diabetes can be reversed!

Prediabetes Wakeup Call

Prediabetes Wakeup Call : A Personal Road Map to Prevent Diabetes By Beth Ann Petro Roybal, Debbie Nemecek. The book provides the newly diagnosed patient with detailed information about the threat of type 2 diabetes while explaining the lifestyle changes that will lower the risk of prediabetes developing into diabetes.
“Prediabetes Wake-Up Call “describes the facts about diabetes and includes assessment checklists and charts to help readers identify areas of relative risk. Then the author details specific strategies to address each risk factor, including weight management, exercise, and food choices, plus less-obvious strategies such as formulating new attitudes towards healthy living.

Pre-diabetes Information and FAQs

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Insulin Resistance Information and FAQs

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Eat healthy fruits and vegetables to lose weight safely.

Healthy Lifestyles Tips: How to Avoid Becoming Diabetic

Changes in your lifestyle can help you reverse pre-diabetes. Learn to eat healthier, get more exercise, manage your stress levels, and see your doctor regularly.

The best change you can make in your diet is to eliminate processed and sugary carbs. Eating a diet high in sugary and high-fat foods is one of the things that can lead to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.